React and Bulma navbar

Problems solved:

  1. How to collapse a burger menu when selecting options from the menu (by default, selecting options from the burger menu leaves the menu expanded).
  2. How to collapse a pull-down menu when selecting an option. (by default, the drop-down menu does not close when an option is selected)

re. 1

The menu finally collapses when an option is selected.
<div id="navbarBasicExample" className={`navbar-menu ${burgerActive? "is-active": ""}`}>
                <div class="navbar-start">
                <Link to="/" class="navbar-item" onClick={handleOnClick}>


    const [burgerActive, setBurgerActive] = useState(false)

    const handleOnClick = () => {

re. 2

The pull-down menu collapses when an option is selected.
<div class="navbar-item has-dropdown is-hoverable" key={location.pathname}>


import {
    Link, useLocation
  } from 'react-router-dom' 

const Navbar = () => {
    let location = useLocation();

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